Why use us?

October 29, 2016

Why use Planetlapse??

Well…please take the time to read

Primarily we were…..CCTV engineers. Not such a bad thing it seems because we are obsessed with camera alignment and delivering images at the best possible quality.

In 1996 we developed the first ever ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems). We discovered that by pulsing LED’s at 930nm we could use the retro reflective properties of a UK number plate to reflect the characters back to an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software set. We also recognised that there was a natural dip in sun’s spectrum which allowed us to maximise the returned illumination from the pulsed infra red LED’s. This ANPR system was finally rolled out across 2500 sites with 5000 ANPR cameras across the UK to measure average journey times.

So, what has the above got to do with Timelapse Video?

Communications, Images, alignment, experience, consistency, technology. These are just a few of the things we deliver every day, every hour, every minute and every second because that’s what we are used to. Stick a £100 battery timelapse camera in a tree, return 6 months later and see what you have…. I guarantee it, you will be extremely disappointed.

The technology available to us now is truly amazing, I wish this was around in the 1990’s! We use technology to its MAX we can do remote updates, remote changes remote back ups, remote most things except…. install and align the system which is where our CCTV experience comes to play. We are IPAF trained and experienced in getting the best possible alignment to give the best possible results achievable.

Please take a look around at other timelapse providers. Check their alignment, check the uptime, check the number of camera moves, check the quality, check where they buy their cameras from. The latter being the most important. We build our own here in the UK so if there is a problem we have stock, no need to wait for one to arrive from the other side of the world, no downtime. Chances are we will deploy another the same day in the unlikely event there is a problem.

We can install our managed systems anywhere in the world. We have a proven system, live streams, actual streams – not stuff downloaded from the internet. Our experience shows us as being the most experienced in deliverable systems. Systems which work, systems that are managed, systems that out perform every time.

If we can help call us on (+44)1604 882 456. Send us your plans and ideas at jason@planetlapse.com

We love to hear from you!

Founder of Planetlapse UK